Covid-19 Update


21st April, 2020

In response to government guidelines on avoiding social contact and stopping all public gatherings, we have taken the extremely difficult and emotionally charged decision to close the Rainbow Factory until further notice. We are therefore very sorry to advise that we will not be able to host any school trips, events, birthday parties or holiday club activities.

We can assure you; we have not taken this decision lightly, however we all have a role to play in attempting to limit the spread of the virus and we hope you will recognise that we must put the health and safety of both our staff and those of the wider general public first.

As this is such a fast-changing situation, it is impossible to say when we will be able to reopen our doors, however you can rest assured, we will be back in touch as soon as we have more information.

Facebook Live Videos & Events 

We're committed to supporting you as best as we can throughout this difficult time, therefore we have created a number of live activities and events for you to enjoy! 

Take a look and get involved! 

Check them out here:

There's No Place Like Home ...

We sadly don't have a pair of ruby slippers or a magic wand to hand (they're at the factory!), but we so still have lots of ideas!


Therefore we have created a group for our incredible community - a space for parents, grandparents, carers and teachers(!) to come to for ideas and inspiration with the aim to help engage children's imaginations at home. 


After all, for kids 'There's no place like home ...' 


We'd love for this group to be used as a place to share your own ideas, share those of others you've found to be useful and post lots of online live sessions and events for kids of all ages - these are hugely in demand! 

And in the true heart of the Rainbow Factory, we'll be doing a live story time or craft demo on here as much as we can too :) 


We want to support you in cherishing this time at home with your children, because although this is a really bizarre reality we're all living in right now, it's one that we won't probably gain again, so let's make the most of it! 

We hope that this group inspires you and encourages you to have lots of fun with your children and enjoy these (mostly!) special moments. 

Check it out and become part of it here:​

Check out our blog! 

We know how difficult this time is for all, therefore we have started uploading ideas which you can use to engage and inspire your children through creative play! 

No stress, just lots of fun for all ages :)


Check them out here:

Explaining the Covid-19 to kids

"Hello! I am the Coronavirus"


After a lot of talk surrounding how to explain to children what's happening in the world with regards to the Coronavirus, we searched the net for ideas and inspiration that we could share with you - and we found this! 


We hope this helps! Please share :) 


Click here to download 

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