Party Food Ingredients


Party Food Ingredients 

We are often asked what's included in our party food ingredients that we serve as part of our unique events and parties. So we thought it would be best to showcase all the ingredients! 

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Bread 50/50


Sausage Rolls

Party Biscuits

Jam Creams

Onion Rings - Crisps

Cup Cakes

Our party food packages can include the following; 

  • Sandwiches (Cheese, Jam & Ham) - see below 

  • Crisps - see below 

  • Cup Cakes - see below 

  • Party Biscuits - see below 

  • Yoghurts - see below 

  • Popcorn 

  • Sausage Rolls - see below 

  • Cheese & Onion Rolls - see below 

  • Carrot Batons​

  • Cucumber 

  • Orange Juice 

  • Blackcurrant Juice 



Cheese & Onion Rolls

Jam Biscuits

Salt & Vinegar Crisps

Cheese Puffs - Crisps


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