A Superb Start to our Christmas Events

Wowee! Can you believe it's almost Christmas ALREADY?! Neither can we! However, we are very excited and have been counting down the days so we can share the magic with you all. We have so much going on this month, from our Christmas Show (Jingle the Elf's Fairytale Fiasco) to our Santa's Story Grotto which is taking place this weekend (7th & 8th December) - not to mention our other seasonal events including Hot Chocolate with Elsa and Anna, Elf's Magical Christmas Adventure, our Disney New Year's Parties AND Holiday Club. Phew, we are busy! With all of these exciting events coming up we have been eager to start spreading the Christmas cheer and this weekend we have done just that. The Santa's Story Grotto has been a great success so far with children and adults enjoying the experience - they get to meet Santa's Elves in the North Pole before meeting Santa for a special story and a present. This intimate experience happens in groups with a maximum of 10 children meaning that each child gets to interact and talk with each of the elves and Santa without feeling rushed. Being in groups this size means the Elves can help each child with each activity to ensure the best Santa experience possible. Not only are the group sizes fantastic, but so are the activities! The children will get to meet a variety of elves who each have different activities for them to complete. It starts with a treasure hunt and the making of reindeer food to take home ready to sprinkle out on Christmas Eve (of course our elves have created an environmentally friendly recipe which other animals will also enjoy, so save some food for the birds on Christmas Day too!).

Check out our snaps from the treasure hunt and reindeer food making:

The children will then continue onwards where they will get to make peppermint-scented candy cane slime which is tons of fun. Kids LOVE slime and in this activity they get to make red AND white slime which smells of peppermint before rolling them together to make them into candy canes. Check out how awesome it looks below:

The event doesn't end there, we're not even close! At just halfway through, the children get to decorate their very own Christmas Stockings. This is perfect for children of all ages as they're decorated with felt tips! Little ones can add whichever colours they like, slightly older ones can colour in the pre-printed designs and the older children can even choose to create their own designs on the back. Plus, in this activity, we also have plenty of toys available as we find little ones can start to need a little bit of free play at this point to help refocus them before seeing Santa!

Now for the magic of meeting Santa. The children will hear sleigh bells ringing as they're finishing up their stockings and that can mean only one thing - Santa is here! The children will walk through the enchanting corridor entrance, which is filled with fairy lights, before walking into Santa's Grotto to find Santa sitting there ready to meet them all. The room is the perfect setting to meet Santa with each child getting the opportunity to speak to Santa, to tell him what they want for Christmas, to hear a story AND to get photographs and a present before they leave.

We are so lucky to be able to put on our Santa's Story Grotto again this year. We love to help children to use their imagination and to truly discover the magical world that's locked within it. Whether it be a trip to the North Pole to meet Santa, digging up and discovering dinosaurs or getting zapped into a video game the Rainbow Factory will always encourage children to use that fantastic tool within their minds to help make dreams into reality.

If you attended the Santa's Story Grotto this weekend we would love to hear your thoughts so be sure to e-mail, comment or message us to let us know what you thought. PLUS if you have any ideas for future events be sure to let us know as well as we want to continue to create events that you and your family love. Merry Christmas!

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