Creative Fun! Cloud In A Jar

Cloud In A Jar

Kids are always fascinated by the weather, especially clouds, how the move and their formation - using their incredible imaginations to conjure up objects and animals...

So we thought we'd share how we make clouds at the factory!

You will need:

  • A jar with a lid

  • Ice

  • Hairspray

  • Hot water

How to make your cloud:

  1. Pour the hot water into the jar (only about 1/3 of a cup is needed). Make sure you pour it down the sides to make them nice and warm.

  2. Turn the lid upside down on the jar, place a few ice cubes onto the lid and wait 20 seconds.

  3. Remove the lid and quickly spray some hairspray into the jar. Quickly put the lid (and the ice cubes) back on top of the jar.

  4. Watch the cloud form! Once you see a that a fair amount of the condensation has formed, remove the lid and watch the cloud escape.

Be sure to let us know how your cloud jars worked out!

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