Expert Top Tips: Draw Like An Expert

Each week we will be bringing you 5 top tips from experts in their field. This week we have asked artist Richard Underwood, for his top tips on how to achieve the best drawing.

1.Draw everyday

Even if it’s a small sketch or small doodle, the more you practice the better you will become and you will find yourself learning new techniques and art styles overtime.

2.Find inspiration

Use other pictures and photos of subjects that give you inspiration, these will be great for reference when you come to draw your pictures out.

3.Experiment with mediums

Never be afraid to try different types art mediums such as pencil, crayon, paint, chalk, collage... Art is all about expression and how you see the world, so by using different mediums & textures it gives you greater freedom to express yourself through your pictures.

4.Do a light sketch first

When I draw a picture out, I always use a pencil and very lightly draw my characters, creatures, animals out using circles & oval shapes to get the basic shape and where I would like them to be in my picture. By doing it very lightly in pencil first It allows me to remove or move them somewhere else within the picture, easily using a rubber, until you feel it looks right.

5.Draw from life!

Nature provides us with so much, from the paper you draw on to the wooden pencil you hold. Use what we have around us, try drawing a leaf, a flower, pick simple objects and try to perfect drawing these out overtime. Once you have perfected drawing a flower and a leaf this can become a small part of a larger picture.

We hope these top tips help you to become the best drawer you can be!

If you would like to offer any advice or top tips for parents, then please get in touch;
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