Funky Phonics Top 5 Tips For Parents

We asked Leigh who runs the Funky Phonics lessons on Saturday morning at the Rainbow Factory, what her 5 top tips for parents would be when supporting their children with learning letters and words;

  1. Buy or make playdough. This is fantastic for strengthening fingers , hands and arms getting your child ready to write.

  2. Let them make their mark! Give your child plenty of opportunities to mark make and write using pens , pencils, large chalks , paint brushes in water , anything goes .

  3. Take your child on a listening walk. Listen to the sounds you can hear outside. The birds , cars , trees.

  4. Sound a week. Introduce a sound a week at home and make your own I-spy box with items in that begin with that sound.

  5. Talk like a robot. Break words up as you talk . Get your child used to segmenting words and blending . Eg “we are going in the c-ar “ or “we are or the b-u-s .

Spaces are still available on Saturday mornings at 9:30am for 3-4yr olds. So whether you’re looking to help your child kick-start, give them a head start or support their learnings over the summer period, Funky Phonics sessions are ideal!

All sessions will be delivered in a fun and dynamic manner to support their engagement while learning and include:

  • Each letter sounds and recognition

  • Teach strategies your child needs to crack the reading code.

  • Develop social skills

  • Engage in age appropriate activities

  • Use rhyme and song to ensure sessions are fun and exciting

  • Gross motor development (to encourage the use of upper body muscles needed to develop fine motor skills)

  • Fine motor - helping hands to develop your Childs pencil grip

For more information or to book, visit;


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