Funky Phonics - Top 5 Tips for Resources Parents Can Make or Buy.

With our Phonics Summer Programme coming to an end - here are Leigh's tips for resources parents can either make at home or buy.

  1. Cutting scissors. Scissors are a brilliant tool for strengthening hands .

  2. Playdough. Make your own or buy it . Squeeze it , roll it , Pat it. Another fantastic way for strengthening fine motor skills.

  3. Make your own pencil control sheets. Zig zag lines , curvy lines , wiggly lines. Get your child to trace them with their pencil.

  4. Phonics flash cards. Ruth Miskin ones are great and you can buy them from amazon.

  5. Make your own I spy at home. Find items around the home together that begin with the sound you are working on.

Our last session takes place this Saturday 17th August, for more information visit or to book on, please visit;


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