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Harry Potter Quiz Questions

We hope you all managed to join us for our Harry Potter quiz, but if you didn't or you missed any questions here they are!

Round 1- Films 1-4

Q1- Which Hogwarts staff member does Harry meet first?

A- Hagrid

Q2-What was the name of Ron's pet rat?

A- Scabbers

Q3- What was the first challenge in the Triwizard Tournament?

A- Retrieve an egg from a Dragon

Q4- What is Ron afraid of according to films 2+3 in particular?

A- Spiders

Q5- What is Lord Voldemort's real name?

A- Tom Riddle

Q6- Who was killed by the Basilisk?

A- Moaning Myrtle

Q7- What is the first Horcrux that is destroyed?

A- Tom Riddles Diary

Q8- What sweet treat makes you feel better after an encounter with a Dementor?

A- Chocolate

Round 2- Films 5-8

Q1- What 3 items make up the Deathly Hallows?

A-The Elder Wand, The Inviability Cloak and The Resurrection Stone

Q2- Who is the Half Blood Prince?

A- Professor Severus Snape

Q3- Who does Harry have children with?

A- Ginny Weasley

Q4- Who destroys the final Horcrux?

A- Neville Longbottom

Q5- In 'The Order of the Phenix' what is the name of the woman who takes over Hogwarts?

A- Professor Dolores Umbridge

Q6- Who told Tom Riddle how to make Horcruxes?

A- Professor Slughorn

Q7- Who accidentality eats chocolate that is laced with a love potion?

A- Ron

Q8- Who kills Dumbledore at the end of 'The Half Blood Prince'

A- Professor Severus Snape

Round 3- Geneal facts and trivia

Q1- How many defence against the dark arts teachers does Hogwarts have during all 8 movies?

A- 6

Q2-How many siblings does Ron Weasley have?

A- 6

Q3- Who directed the first 2 movies?

A- Chris Columbus

Q4- Which Harry Potter term is now in the Oxford English dictionary?

A- Muggle

Q5- Which film is the first to receive a PG-13 rating?

A- Goblet of Fire

Q6- How many times is 'Harry Potter' said in all 8 movies?

A- 18,956

Q7- How many languages have the Harry Potter books been translated in to?

A- 80

Q8- J.K Rowling personally hand picked one of the actors who played a significant role in the franchise.Who was the actor and what role did they play?

A- Alan Rickman, Professor Severus Snape


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