Storytelling Idea 1 - Balloon Storytelling

Updated: Mar 29

**Balloon Storytelling**

Blow up an unbranded party balloon and sit in a circle, or opposite your child.

Ask each child to give you a word, any word at all - write all the words (or for younger kids, use pictures) in random sequence around the balloon with a sharpie.

When the balloon is full of random words (or pictures!), you can start a story.

Once you have started the story off, pass the balloon around the circle - whichever word the child's right pointer finger lands on is the word they have to somehow include in the story you have started.

Once they have added a sentence or two to the story, they pass the balloon on.

Continue the story until everyone has a turn, or until it comes to a natural end.

Kids will love this!!!

You can even write it down and they can even expand on it the next day or create a week of short stories using the balloon.

Top Tip: Why not theme them? Pirates, heroes, traditional tales...

We suggest doing this at the beginning of the day to get the creativity and mind working!

Good luck and keep us posted to how it get on.

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