Storytelling Idea 2 - Story Dice

Updated: Mar 29

**Story Dice**

Create either a theatre show or a unique story!

Print 12 pictures off (the more random the better, animal to household objects!).

Take a dice and link the numbers to 2 of the printed pictures.

Roll the dice, and depending on the number it lands on, pick a picture of the two you have linked it with.

Here's where the fun begins...


Ask your child/ren to start acting out a story based on the different pictures you roll, you will have lots of fun trying to include the different pictures and taking your child on a completely unique magical journey.


As you roll the dice, start creating a story together and writing it out.

Top Tip: use A1 paper and marker, so you can do it on the floor together - enlarge the words, to make it more impactful.

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