Storytelling Idea 3 - Story Bags

Updated: Mar 29

**Story Bags**

This is really simple yet really effective way of storytelling!

Ask your child/ren to collect a number of objects and bring them to you, which you'll then put into a bag!

Top Tip: Give them a set amount of time to collect the objects, or ask them to collect items with a theme, of a particular colour, or beginning with a certain letter.

Next, let your child/ren pull one object out of the bag at a time and use it to tell a story - either a story of their own, or a story that links each item, so as they pull out an object they tell the next part of the story!

Top Tip: Get your older child to write the story down and help them with their spelling. Once the story is finished, get the children to design the characters in it, either by drawing them or making them out of playdoh or crafts.

Hope you have lots of fun!!

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