Isolating Pen Pals

We're dedicated to the mental health & wellbeing here at the Rainbow Factory, so in light of the situation, we've created a group called 'Isolating Pen Pals' - this group is to help connect children across the world, to promote and support mental health & wellbeing while we're all in lockdown!

We're calling it #IsoPals for short :)

It's a gloomy, isolated world we are in right now, not only for us but for our children too. They are missing out on vital interaction with other children. So this space is dedicated to allowing children to share and communicate with children from not only our home towns, but quite possibly the worldwide.

So, please share what your children are doing at home, and even create special messages for children around the world.

You can share drawings, videos, songs, stories, crafts, poems and anything else your children would like to share!

Why not even let your children browse the group, like, comment and communicate with each other.

Let's get as many people as we can be involved, share the group with your close and distant friends and family. Let's remind our children that the world doesn't just consist of their home, it's still out there for them to explore!


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