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Updated: Apr 15

(Edited 16th April)

We're absolutely devastated at how many kids are missing out on school trips, their birthday party, and of course our unique events!

...So we thought, what could we do to spread some cheer (and Rainbow Factory Magic), and help engage and keep our community connected over the next couple of months... ...so here it is, our line-up of activity - please, please, please get involved and share where possible!


The Great Storybook Quiz (LIVE every Monday @2:30pm) - Join us for some family fun, gather round and take a quiz on your favourite books! Click here for more info.

Storybook Crafting Series (every Wednesday) - Inspiring ideas for you and your children to get crafting every week.

Click here for more info!


The Short Story Challenge (6th June) - The most exciting competition we have ever launched!! Children are encouraged to submit between 100-500 words by our 5th birthday (6th June) for the chance for it to be published!

Themes include; Community, Hope, The Modern World, Being A Young Person in 2020 & The Future.

All proceeds will go to the NHS.

Click here for more info!


Isolating Pen Pals - This groups aims to connect children from around the world while in isolation to access and communicate with others through varying activities, supporting metal health and wellbeing.

Click here for more info!

There's No Place Like Home - This groups was set up to bring parents, carers and teachers ideas and inspiration while you're at home with your children.

Click here for more info!

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