Something Special this September

We've been cooking up something special for preschoolers, toddlers and babies this September - our Imaginative Thinkers (it) Series!

Join us for four weeks of superb entertainment with the little ones favourite characters. Join Peppa Pig, the Gruffalo, Disney and Peter Rabbit as they come to the Rainbow Factory ready to go on an adventure!

Preschooler and Toddler Sessions (18mnth - 4 years)

Every Monday and Friday at 10am £6 per session OR £20 for a 4 week block

Events last for 1.5hrs

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Baby and Toddler Sessions (Under 2's)

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am and 1pm

£6 per session OR £20 for a 4 week block

Events last for 1hr

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PLUS with your ticket you'll get access to our Stay and Play room from 10am until 2pm free of charge!

So, what can you expect from each session? Read on to find out about each weekly session

Preschool and Toddlers (18mnth - 4 years)

We'll be starting things in week one by getting crafty with Peppa Pig! This session is all about motor skills and making, so expect lots of take home crafts. Be ready to paint, stick, tear and mould as we make a variety of different Peppa Pig inspired crafts all mixed in with the Rainbow Factory magic.

Join us with activities including:

  • Start the event with drama, songs and games to warm up our bodies and minds.

  • Delve into our exploration stations where Peppa has set up her favourite craft activities - from animal mask making, mud painting, salt dough model making, plus much more!

  • Make puffy paint and create a messy masterpiece

  • Search through the woodlands for all things pink so we can collage onto our giant Peppa Pig picture.

Plus so much more!

So come along on Monday 2nd or Friday 6th September @ 10am - 11:30am

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Baby and Toddlers (Under 2's)

For our Peppa Pig itSeries for Under 2's we will be focusing on all things farmyard. Join us as we begin with an interactive story inspired by a trip to the farm yard to meet the animals which will be brought to life through the use of props, sensory materials and puppets! The fun doesn't end there, we will then take you to our messy play rooms - yes that's right rooms! We will have TWO rooms set up for our messy play, one room dedicated to edible messy play for the little ones. A great space for them to try tasting new foods whilst exploring the different textures and smells. Our second messy play room will be dedicated to creative messy play, this will allow the older children to start exploring their motor skills by crafting and creating with different non-edible materials. All of our edible messy play trays will be made of foodstuffs which will be designed around different Peppa Pig characters with our creative being inspired by Peppa Pig messy crafts. Finish up the session by heading back to our sensory room for a Sensory Sing-a-long, with instruments, bubbles, foam and songs it's a great way to end this fantastic session.

Come and join us on Tuesday 3rd or Thursday 5th September @ 10am or 1pm

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Preschool and Toddlers (18mnth - 4 years)

Jump into our second week as we Bake it with the Gruffalo! Have you ever wanted to try 'Toasted' Fox, Owl Ice Cream, Scrambled Snake and Gruffalo Crumble? Well now is your chance. Try your hand at making all of these delicious treats and inspire a love of food and cooking. It's a great way to get children to try new foods that they have created themselves and to introduce them to cooking and baking.

Join us with activities including:

  • Join Little Brown Mouse and the Gruffalo as you start by making your very own chef hats!

  • It's time to get foodie! Start by making 'toasted' fox - we will be putting toppings on our toast to look like a fox

  • For our scrambled snake, we will be mixing and 'scrambling' our pizza dough to make cheesy snake bread sticks!

  • Next we switch to our sweet treats, starting with our rice cripsy Gruffalo Crumble

  • Finish off with owl ice cream! Pick your favourite toppings for your ice cream.

So come along on Monday 9th or Friday 13th September @ 10am - 11:30am

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Baby and Toddlers (Under 2's)

This time we'll be exploring the woodlands and all the creatures that reside in there, including the Gruffalo! Start with an interactive storytelling of the Gruffalo complete with props, puppets and sensory materials to really engage the little ones into the story.

Continue into our messy play rooms as we jump into the messy play trays and messy crafts! Meet the different woodland animals in a brand new way with our edible messy play, experience new textures, smells and tastes in this delightful experience. OR nip into our creative messy play room where you can explore messy crafts all themed around the Gruffalo.

Finish off with a Sensory Sing-a-Long - a great way to round up the session. Expect bubbles, foam, music and so much more!

Come and join us on Tuesday 10th or Thursday 12th September @ 10am or 1pm

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Preschool and Toddlers (18mnth - 4 years)

Your favourite characters will be coming along to the Rainbow Factory to explore all things musical with your little ones this week! So come and sing, dance and play-a-long, with all your favourite Disney songs.

Activities include:

  • Meet your favourite Disney characters and join them as they sing, dance and enjoy all things musical!

  • Go Under the Sea and play on our pots and pans percussion set.

  • Help Moana prepare for the island festival by making grass and flower accessories. Plus join her as she teaches a Hula dance.

  • Go back to the Bare Necessities and listen to the music from animals as we search for different creatures in the Woodlands.

  • Make Mini Flying Carpets and join Aladdin at his entrance parade.

So come along on Monday 16th or Friday 20th September @ 10am - 11:30am

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Baby and Toddlers (Under 2's)

This week we'll be looking at all things Disney during our itSeries for Under 2's this week. As always, start with an interactive stories filled with props, sensory materials and puppets before jumping into our Disney themed messy play.

Expect to see your favourite characters designed in our edible messy play tuff trays before delving in for a sensationally sensory experience. From different textures to different smells and tastes the little ones will get a chance to explore the world around them which is essential for brain development. Or head into our creative messy play for an array of Disney themed messy crafts for the children to explore and create.

Finish off by heading back into our sensory room as we play a mix of our favourite Disney songs to sing-a-long to, a great excuse to have a boogie and a bit of fun.

Come and join us on Tuesday 17th or Thursday 19th September @ 10am or 1pm

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Preschool and Toddlers (18mnth - 4 years)

We'll be finishing up the itSeries with one final spectacular, Explore it with Peter Rabbit. Join our favourite Rabbit as he heads off to explore the world around him. Search the Woodlands, fields and gardens that are found near Peter's burrow in search for delicious veggies for him and his family, even plant your own to grow at home!

Activities will include

  • Exploring the story of Peter Rabbit through interactive storytelling, drama and games.

  • Jumping into the exploration stations where children can make bunny ears, salt dough veggies, fish in the pond and search for gold, make potato stamp paw prints.

  • Sneaking into the Woodlands through the obstacles for a carrot hunt.

  • Exploring our garden (weather depending) and make your own potted plants to take home.

Plus so much more

So come along on Monday 23rd or Friday 27th September @ 10am - 11:30am

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Baby and Toddlers (Under 2's)

Peter Rabbit will also be joining us for our itSeries for Under 2's session. Inspired by Peter's adventures, join him in his interactive story with props, sensory materials and puppets to really bring the story to life for the little ones.

Our messy play will be veggie and bunny mad! Expect to see a variety of designs in our trays during our edible messy play. Try, taste and play in these trays for a wonderfully sensory experience. The older ones will even get a chance to engage in messy crafts inspired by Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail.

Finish up the session by heading to our sensory room as we all sing-a-long to our favourite nursery rhymes and songs in our Sensory Sing-a-Long filled with bubbles, foam and so much more.

Come and join us on Tuesday 24th or Thursday 26th September @ 10am or 1pm

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