Space Adventure - NEW!

Our new for 2019/20 themed workshop day focuses on the environment and recycling, including the critical ongoing issues of global warming – but not before they’ve learnt all about gravity, space and the solar system. Not one to be missed!

Join us as we immerse children into a space-tastic, intergalactic school trip with the Protectors (aka Aliens!) of the Planets.

They've crash landed on Earth as the pollution levels have disrupted their ships sensors. Now they’re stuck and have no idea how to get home! There’s so much to do. First they have to overcome their language and cultural differences. They’ll have to teach the children about alien life and learn a few earth customs themselves.

Then they need to fix their ship with the help from the children. They’ll need some science training in rockets, gravity, space and the Solar system. Finally, they need to find out what’s been going wrong with the planet. Why is it so polluted? What is Global Warming and why is it so dangerous? And what on earth are we going to do to make it better? It’s a race against time, not just for the aliens, but for everyone and everything on the planet.

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