Top 5 Winter Stories

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Welcome to our very first Top 5 Tuesdays! As part of our Enchanting Christmas Countdown we are looking at our top 5 recommendations. So to start us off we are looking at or top 5 winter stories!

In at number 5

The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Anderson

A wintery classic that even inspired one of the most popular Disney films of all time (I'm sure I don't have to mention it!). The Snow Queen follows the story or Gerda and her friend Kai, although this varies in different adapted versions. One summer Kai gets a piece of broken mirror or an ice shard in his eye which makes him start to be very bad until one day in the middle of winter the Snow Queen collects him and takes him far away. The story follows Gerda as she journeys to a new land in search for her friend so she can save him.

There are many popular adaptations of this book, but all the stories show the strength of friendship and love in a wonderful wintery setting. This story focuses on the winter setting instead of Christmas so it is quite nice at any point when the weather starts to get a chill.

Number 4

Bear Stays Up For Christmas - Karma Wilson

Jumping into more of a Christmas themed book here with Bear Stays Up for Christmas. This story again shows the power of friendship and love as all the animals in the woodlands come to Bear's cave to try and keep him awake so he doesn't miss Christmas this year. The animals get Bear to do a variety of Christmas activities whilst fighting with his need to sleep, until it comes to Christmas Day and he has a special treat for each and every one of his friends.

This story is a lovely story with repetition that the children really enjoy. It has a hint of silliness where the beat keeps wanting to topple over asleep but his friends have to keep waking him up, there is even a cameo from Santa too! A lovely wintery, Christmas story all round.

Number 3

The Gruffalo's Child - Julia Donaldson

Next up, Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo's Child. Now I'm sure most of you will have read this story, or if not this one you will have read the Gruffalo. This time it is set in the snowy woodlands and the Gruffalo's Child is very curious about this Big Bad Mouse that her dad keeps talking about, so feeling brave she steps out and searches for the creature. Coming across old friends from the Gruffalo in her search, can she find the Big Bad Mouse?

Another wintery story that stays away from the theme of Christmas making it a wonderful story even out of the festive period. Definitely one of our favourites here at the Rainbow Factory.

Number 2

Snowman and the Snowdog - Raymond BriggsAnother sequel in our line up! The wonderful Snowman and the Snowdog. This lovely story follows a little boy as he makes a fantastic snowman and snowdon which come to life. They travel to the North Pole on a special adventure before participating in the downhill race. The lucky winner gets a present from Santa Claus himself!

This is a lovely story of adventure and even touches on the subject of loss. A beautiful story which is stunningly illustrated, a must read at the Christmas period.

Number 1

The Night before Christmas

Last but not least, the Night before Christmas. A true classic in every right and a perfect story to read the night before Christmas. The lovely rhymes, beautiful story and lovely illustrations in the variations of books are sure to get butterflies in your tummy ready for Santa's visit. This will always be a story that gets every generation in the festive spirit and excited for Christmas.

AND if you haven't read it, you definitely should this year!


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