What's going on this May?

May half term is fast approaching and we have an exciting programme of events to keep the kids entertain during the holidays. This time we're taking inspiration from Paw Patrol and favourite video games such as Minecraft, Super Mario and Pokemon! Keep reading to find out what we've got going on..

Starting with Ryder's New Recruits!

We've taken inspiration from children's favourite Paw Patrol, although there will be no pups at the event the children will have to take on the role of their favourite characters to help save Adventure Bay.

The children will be joined by Ryder and Mayor Goodway as they explore the town checking that everything is running smoothly.. however things aren't what they seem.

The children will need to jump into action and take on Marshall's role when there is trouble in the woods. A wild fire has started and somebody needs to save the lost cat! The children will need to climb, duck and crawl through the obstacle course, put out the fire and work together to save the cat. However, it doesn't end there. They need to then scour the town for the stolen diamonds which have been taken from the jewellers! Normally Chase would take care of this, but with the pups on holiday it's up to us. Search through trays of messy play to find all the lost diamonds and return them to their rightful home. But, Adventure Bay isn't safe yet. There's supposed to be a fun day at the park but the winds have blown litter EVERYWHERE. The children will need to race around as they search, collect and dispose of all the litter properly - it's up to the children to take on Rocky's role to clear the park up in time for the fun day. Then, last but not least, without Skye around there is nobody to protect the skies. The children will need to create, decorate and test their own flying machines so keep Adventure Bay safe.

It isn't easy keeping Adventure Bay safe when the pups aren't here to help but hopefully the new recruits will help save the day!

Key info:

Dates - 24th, 27th & 28th May

Times - 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm*

*1pm doesn't run on 24th May

Prices -

£12.50 per child (includes party food & 1 adult)

£2 for additional adults

Recommended Ages - 2-6 years

Book now at - https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/rydertix

Second up, Video Game Breakout

This time we've crept behind the screen to create this exciting event. We've taken inspiration from children's favourite video games such as Pokemon, Minecraft and Super Mario! If your child is often glued to the screen this is the event for them.

Meet Melvin the Mad Scientist as he tells you about his fantastic new invention which enables people to go into the world of video games! In his excitement he shows the children how it works but unfortunately it breaks at the last minute. Whilst trying to fix it, somebody appears who wasn't there before - It's Super Mario! Which means, the invention worked but the children and Melvin are now trapped in the video game and need to break out.

The only way to break out is to fix the machine and find a new power source, they are going to need to most powerful objects from the game. To start with, they ask Mario for help who promises to help if they can help him, Princess Peach has been taken by Bowser and they need to work together to get through the obstacle course to get her back. Mario will explain that they can earn a golden star, the most powerful object in the kingdom, if they search and find enough golden coins. Unfortunately this won't be enough and the children will need to head to the world of Minecraft to help Minecraft Steve in a large building challenge to earn the diamond pickaxe. However, however the adventure doesn't end there - the objects aren't powerful enough on their own there is one more thing to collect. Finally, it's time to step into the Kanto region in Pokemon. Be met by a fellow Pokemon trainer who will teach the children how to make poke balls out of clay, if they are made well enough they might just gift the children with the final object - a Pokemon gym badge!

Hopefully all these objects together will mean the children will finally be able to return to the real world! Will it be enough?

Key info:

Dates - 19th, 30th & 31st May

Times - 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm

Prices -

£12.50 per child aged 3+ (includes party food & 1 adult)

£8 per child for siblings aged 1-2yrs (includes party food & 1 adult)

£2 for additional adults

Recommended Ages - 4+ years

Book now at - https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/videogametix

And if that isn't enough,

Holiday Club returns for May!

Running from Tuesday 28th May - Friday 31st May we have childcare covered.

Holiday Club returns this may during the half term (excluding bank holiday Monday). Our popular holiday club is jam-packed full of fun. With themed activities planned throughout the day, we'll have them entertained from start to finish. Daily activities vary from science and experiments, team build-it projects, competitions, theatre, games, arts & crafts, baking, model making and so much more! Plus, all of Holiday Club will get a chance to participate in half term events.

Not only is it great for the children, we also have the parent/guardian in mind. With flexible drop off between 8.30am-9.30am and pick up between 3.30pm - 4.30pm you can drop off and pick up at a time convenient for you. On Fridays holiday club will spend their day creating a play and will perform it for parents at 4pm.

We also recently reduced the cost for Holiday club to these fantastic prices:

£19.50 per day for 1 child

OR come for the week:

£72 for 1 child (Tues - Fri)

£108 for 2 children (Tues - Fri)

Book your space now - https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/may-holiday-club-tickets

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