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What to expect

Discover exciting new ways to explore themes and stories through theatre, interactive storytelling, workshops and more. This unique experience will transport your pupils to other worlds for the day and beyond!

Choose between one of our Show & Workshop or Themed Workshops Day packages (see below)

We believe in the power of stories and the imagination.


Our mission is to:

  • Excite children about reading, storytelling and the power of their own imagination, through exploring stories in diverse new ways.

  • Deliver high-quality, unique, educational workshops.

  • Play a part in improving literacy standards, by offering youngsters a different learning dynamic.

  • Support all of our young visitors, whatever their level of ability.

Did you know? All of our school trips can be ran;

  1. In your school too as either a TIE or Themed Curriculum Day

  2. As a full day school trip, running from 10am - 2pm       

  3. As a half day school trip, running from 10am - 12pm with time to eat lunch in our facilities afterwards.

Show & Workshops:

Each school trip starts with a show and spends the rest of their day doing 3-4 workshops. These may include workshops such as drama, story writing, craft, illustration, interactive storytelling, journeying through the woodland tales, model making and much more. The workshops will be themed around your show, or if you are studying a specific theme topic then we can tailor them around that.

Traditional Tales:
Little Red Riding Hood

Discover the “truth” behind this much-loved traditional tale, as we retell the story from the two perspectives of Little Red & the Wolf. 

This show celebrates acceptance, tolerance and bravery, as it explores our characters’ true motivations.
It also shows children how communication breaks down
prejudices and promotes understanding and friendship.

Traditional Tales:

Jack & the Beanstalk

Adventure & Determination

Join Jack and his mum for a funpacked adventure through this fairytale favourite. This interactive performance will delight and excite youngsters as they get physically involved - climbing the beanstalk and helping Jack tiptoe into the giant’s castle in search of fortune and glory!

This show demonstrates the importance of following instructions, not speaking to strangers and the value of resilience, determination and following your heart.

Traditional Tales:
Topsy-Turvy Storybook Kingdom

Journey with the Storybird to the Storybook Kingdom, where a wicked wizard is determined to put an end to all the Happy Ever Afters! Meet Little Red, the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks, Gretel and

Jack, as their familiar stories are given a topsy-turvy twist.
This show celebrates loyalty, determination and friendship. It offers children the chance to explore alternative versions of stories they know as well as interacting with the characters to understand their motives.

Myths,Legends & Fables: 
The Storyteller 

Explore the Storyteller’s magical junkyard as he shares fantastic fables, myths and legends from around the world and across the ages.

Using the objects littering his junkyard floor, this mysterious vagabond will mesmerise you with his tales as old as time, exploring the adventures of history’s earliest heroes.

With its rich, figurative language, magic tricks, humour, puppetry and creative delivery, this show is full of educational opportunities to explore storytelling and character development at its best.

Themed Workshop Days:

Immerse pupils in enthralling new worlds with these inventive character-led specials that take them to the heart of their chosen theme. We’ll fuel their imagination with a theatrical introduction and a dramatic plotline that runs through the day’s hands-on activities.

Get in touch to find out what each of the Themed Workshop Days include!

Calling all Superheroes - Can you save the planet?

There’s much more to being a hero than looking good and

fighting villains. Join our training team of experts as we

explore what it really means to be brave and courageous,

determined and resilient or caring and selfless. With great

power comes great responsibility. Help solve the clues and

defeat the super villains who are determined to destroy our

greatest super power of all...our IMAGINATION.

CSI: Storytown - Once Upon a Crime

Supporting Science Through Story

There’s trouble in Story Town! A crime has been committed, and everyone is under suspicion. There are the usual suspects; the Witch, the Super Villain, the Big Bad Wolf ...but when the cowboy, the Fairy Godmother & the Alien Peace Envoy have no alibis either, it’s clear this is going to be a tough case to crack.


Can you help piece together the clues and solve the crime?!

In our special, original production you’ll meet lots of character favourites, from a variety of children’s books, as each falls under the magnifying glass of suspicion.


Using a mixture of Hot-Seating, Data Analysis and Scientific Investigation, children will work through a series of tasks to get to the truth and unmask the true villain.

Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho... A Pirate's Life for me.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a pirate? Well, now’s your chance to find out as you step on deck and share in the terrific tales of pirates of old. Learn the lingo, create your own pirate name and join the sea shanty singing crew while learning about these

fearsome sailors of the seven seas. Our pirate-training programme will have children swashing their buckles and going totally overboard on a fun-filled adventure!

Julia Donaldson - The Great Playful Prose Mix-Up

Little Brown Mouse invites you to his forest of tales. His friends have become lost in tales that don’t belong to them. He needs your help to find Lanky Len & Hefty Hugh, who have stolen the story diamond which keeps the rightful endings in Julia Donaldson’s world of Playful Prose. He’s heard it has been taken to a faraway castle and been placed into the hands of the evil wizard.

Join Little Brown Mouse on an adventure as you meet his friends from Zog, Room On A Broom, The Gruffalo, Stickman, What the Ladybird Heard and Princess and the Wizard. Explore these stories through dynamic workshops and immerse your children in a theatrical retelling of these firm favourites.

Learn about the characters while exploring the wonderful world of rhyme and adjectives.

Space Adventure - Protectors of the Planets

Join us as we immerse children into a space-tastic, intergalactic school trip with the Protectors (aka Aliens!) of the Planets.

They've crash landed on Earth as the pollution levels have disrupted their ships sensors. Now they’re stuck and have no idea how to get home! There’s so much to do. First they have to overcome their language and cultural differences. They’ll have to teach the children about alien life and learn a few earth customs themselves.

Then they need to fix their ship with the help from the children. They’ll need some science training in rockets, gravity, space and the Solar system. Finally, they need to find out what’s been going wrong with the planet. Why is it so polluted? What is Global Warming and why is it so dangerous? And what on earth are we going to do to make it better? It’s a race against time, not just for the aliens, but for everyone and everything on the planet.

Lost Treasure of Dragonia - Fantasy & Adventure

Embark into a world of fantasy as you are transported to the land of Dragonia. In this enchanted realm you will discover a variety of unusual creatures such as dragons, fairies, mermaids, wizards and so much more.

Adventurers will be required to explore these forgotten lands to find the fabled lost treasure whilst learning about Dragonia along the way.

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