The Short Story Challenge


Introducing 'The World As We Know It':

The Short Story Challenge 2020 Ebook


We had so many fantastic entries for our Short Story Challenge, and even more fantastic winners! It is our honour to present the winning stories to you in our new Ebook which can be purchased for just 99p on Amazon.

PLUS all proceeds from the book will go to the NHS to say thank you for their continued hard work.

So what are you waiting for?




About The Short Story Challenge


We were so pleased the run 'The Short Story Challenge 2020', in partnership with Leeds University's Child Development Unit & Child Friendly Leeds!

We understand that creative writing and storytelling is such a magical medium for children. It offers a vehicle for communication, connection and creativity. It’s an opportunity for children to learn and grow, have fun and sharpen their senses - which is why more than ever we wanted to launch this competition during lockdown!

Children were encouraged to submit their short stories, between 100-500 words, by our 5th birthday (6th June) for the chance for it to be published!

The best submissions, judged by the Rainbow Factory Team and partners, were published in "The World As We Know It" storybook on Amazon and be available to purchase online.


Also, very excitingly all proceeds from online sales will go to the NHS Charities Together.

Themes included; Community, Hope, The Modern World, Being A Young Person in 2020 & The Future.

There were 3 categories for entry;
Cat 1: Ages 3/4-5 (100-500 words)
Cat 2: Ages 6-7 (500 words)
Cat 3: Ages 8-11 (500 words)



Short Story Challenge 2021


If you would like to participate in the 2021 Short Story Challenge, please do not hesitate to sign up to our future announcements and be the first to hear when we will be going live with the competition and all its details.

Click here to register your interest.

At a Glance

Book Title 

The World As We Know It 

Writing Themes

Community, Hope, The Modern World,
Being A Young Person in 2020 & The Future.

Reading Age




Where Can You Buy It?

Category Winners

Overall Competition Winner

Vladimir Yulpatov, Aged 9, Pigeon Adventure


Category 1: 4-5yrs 



Jayden Nolan, Aged 4 Ramsey and Butter


Evie Parry, Aged 5,    Hermione's Wish    


Stephanie O'Loughlin, Aged 5, The Enchanted Forest


Category 2: 6-7yrs 



Eliza Burge, Aged 7, My Lockdown Memory Trip 


Alexander Smith, Aged 6, Candy Planet  


James Milne, Aged 6, The Hope Train    
James Selby-Jones, Aged 6, Gem Rescue    
Dhwani Mohan, Aged 7, The Magical Girls Saved The Sea    
Zoe Okuwa, Aged 6, The Transporting Hole    

Category 3: 8-11yrs 


Harry Chantler, Aged 9, The Turtle's Stone 


Erin Quiroga-Kaur, Aged 9, You Can Be The Change


Matilda Lewins, Aged 9, The Lost Dog    
Annabelle Pick, Aged 11, Annie The Neighbourhood Superhero
Dexter, Aged 11, Cone Boy
Raquel Ainsa-Velasco, Aged 10, Being Me in 2020
Nieve Harrington, Aged 9, The Unexpected Adventure    
Micah Okuwa, Aged 8, The Lost City of Fortune

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