Make-And-Do Story Adventures For Curious Kids

Exploring the 7 wonders of the imagination

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What is the Wonder Adventure Subscription?

Make-And-Do adventures for curious kids; exploring the 7 Wonders of the Imagination. 

A monthly subscription that ignites children's imaginations in a creative, dynamic and fulfilling way, whilst supporting key educational milestones in children aged 3-8. 

Let us take your child on a journey through our fully immersive and interactive story. Each edition will provide opportunities for your child to face new challenges and become the heroes of their very own adventures.

Watch as your child ignites their imagination through a variety of engaging activities that span the 7 wonders of 'active' imaginative engagement, including; storytelling, arts & crafts, puzzles, experiments, food fun, magic and games. All designed to support curriculum outcomes and champion Montessori learning.

What is included in the Wonder Adventure Subscription?

* An exciting and fully immersive story based activity book
* Supporting craft pack
* Exclusive and original pull-out ‘board’ game
* Fun themed gift
* Supporting email with story audio and how-to videos

PLUS, become part of the wonder community! You’ll receive monthly extras and share your creations with the rest of the community. 


* Receive 50% off your first month's subscription
* It's a flexible subscription - cancel at any time
* There are NO hidden fees or extra postage charges!!
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Why we have the WOW

Direct To Your Door and Ad FREE!


Your Wonder Adventure will be delivered direct to your door FREE OF CHARGE every month! Plus there are NO ads, yep, NO ads, meaning you know that your child is not being bombarded with additional marketing messages and loud statements that makes them to lose interest – the design has been formulated to allow children understand the activity in hand and remain focused.

Reduces Screen Time

Hours of fun!

Give your child the perfect alternative to screen time! Expertly designed, with a huge array of activities, including a supporting craft pack, pull-out board game and themed gift - why not let us help to ignite your child's imagination and provide them with the skills they need to grow and develop.

Support Children's Wellbeing

Mental Health

Activity books help children to escape from worry, they provide a positive and meaningful focus that support children’s sense of accomplishment, confidence and self-worth.
They also encourage your child to spend one-to-one time with you, which also supports their wellbeing. We have developed a number of activities and ideas for children that they can do with your help and that you will both enjoy!

Compliments Curriculum Learning Objectives

Education Experts

The Wonder Adventure has been built by our team of educational experts with the aim to compliment your child in their curriculum learning. Meaning your child will not only be expanding their creative mind, but they will also be gaining academic strength. In addition, our subscriptions champion STEAM and are inspired by Montessori Learning.

Important Information


£8.95 per month

Cancel at Anytime

Publish Dates

The Wonder Adventure Subscription is published between the 10th-14th of every month, it will then be fulfilled and posted.

You must purchase your subscription before the 14th of the month to receive that months subscription. For example, if you purchase your subscription between the 15th of January and the 14th of February, you will be sent February's edition once it has been published.

This may mean that in your first month, you may not receive your subscription pack for up to 30 days after your first payment. However, your pack will be sent on the same date every month following.

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