Christmas Packages

What to expect

We’ll kick off with a theatrical performance, followed by a series of 20-30 minute workshops inspired all around the festive season OR a visit from Santa! 

Each school trip starts with a show and spends the rest of their day doing 3-4 workshops. These may include workshops such as drama, story writing, craft, interactive storytelling, journeying through the woodland tales, model making and much more.


As a Theatre in Education package you can choose between 2 workshops OR a visit from Santa (this can include handing out gifts, awards etc.)

Our in-factory Christmas Packages can be chosen as an End of Term Treat (10am - 12pm with an additional 30 mins for lunch) or a full day school trip (10am - 2pm)

Our in-school Theatre in Education package includes the performance and Christmas workshops or a Visit from Santa (1.5hrs) that takes place in your school.

The Show:

Jingle the Elf's Fairytale Fiasco

A uniquely scripted, heart-warming and hilarious original story featuring songs, puppetry, magic and lots of laughs for all the whole school.

Jingle the Elf has been naughty this year and has ended up on Santa's naughty list - she needs to find a way to get on the good list and fast. She takes it upon herself to steal Santa's sleigh and to travel to different fairy tale lands to see if she can turn things around, but quite often she finds herself getting a little swayed with the villainous characters. 

Will Jingle find out the secret of how to get on the good list?

Join us to find out!

Suitable for all children at primary school age

Curriculum Tick box:

☑ Traditional Tales ☑ Citizenship ☑ Music ☑ Drama ☑ PSHE

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